Sanskrit for Sādhana

We are passionate about integrating alignment, breath and community.

  • Retreats & Immersions
  • Weekly Practice Sessions
  • Sanskrit YTT Hours
  • Community Events
  • Private One-to-One Sessions

Study with precision

Benefits of our live interactive sessions:

Personal support

Customized sessions. Instant feedback, encouragement, correction and confirmation.


Learn an authentic oral tradition of chanting in a living lineage from South India.

New friends & study partners

Opportunity to ask questions and learn from each other in group practice sessions.

Memorization made simple

Color-code systems and call-and-response guidance for easy learning of the alphabet and grammar for chanting.

Enhanced focus

Live-only sessions induce present moment attention with direct experience.

Meditative experience

Learning model integration with applied yoga philosophy vs. a static academic lecture approach.

Integrative practice

Sanskrit, Yoga and Mantra

Our programs are designed to guide precise pronunciation for:

  • Professionals in any field of Indic Knowledge systems, ayurveda, yoga, jyotish…
  • Seekers who have been assigned to read texts in original script of Devanagari.
  • Vedanta students, yoga practitioners and curious minds on a journey of self discovery.

Our members

What they are saying:

Jenna’s yoga sutra class is life changing. Through the process of chanting with Jenna I learned to meditate and I’m able to find peace and stillness amidst chaos. Sometimes I even feel like there are more hours in the day now. The class is light and fun. Lovely group and wonderful teacher.

Dave Bush – Florida, USA

Jenna brings such joy and passion to her teaching of the Sanskrit language and Patanjali’s Sutras. Sanskrit is a sacred language and vibrational in nature–and texts written in Sanskrit are more powerful when spoken with precision, clarity, proper pronunciation and intonation. Jenna’s mastery of these qualities is clearly evident as she conveys these concepts through every well-thought out lesson with us.

She never makes her students “wrong” nor makes them feel diminished for incorrect answers or pronunciation. This is all part of the natural learning process. We willingly raise our hands to participate–which is something that I never had the courage to do in any other language class in my life prior to this. I have also taught at the college level, and really appreciate what Jenna brings to the table as an educator.

She lets her students come to their own “aha” moments, and at their own pace. It is all very organic, and progressive. As someone who is self-taught, and has been chanting Sanskrit mantras and texts for close to 30 years, I am learning to refine my pronunciation and intonation of Sanskrit through Jenna’s patient repetition of the alphabet and Devanagari slokas over and over again until I hear and feel the refinements.

It is so incredibly rewarding to work with Jenna who leads us to the pool of knowledge, allowing us to dive-in; going deeper and deeper, feeling more enriched and satisfied after every classroom session.

Raja Sri – North Carolina, USA


Immersive workshops and supportive series

Begin with a workshop and receive continued support in weekly group and/or private sessions: