AHA Sanskrit Experience

17-19 May 2024 | 9am-2pm CDT

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What you'll learn

Course description

In this 12-hour weekend immersion we will explore the five points of resonance, rhythm and breath of the Sanskrit language and learning to read simple words in devanagari with a color-coded chart and melodious chanting of the alphabet.

This interactive call-and-response format provides all participants with opportunity to practice with the group while muted and also unmute individually for instant confirmation from the instructor. We will be reciting the entire alphabet with clarity and precision and reading simple words by the end of the weekend!

Course outline

This is an intro to Sanskrit experience that is for

  • absolute beginners
  • curious minds
  • scholars
  • entrepreneurs 
  • retired professionals
  • family members age 12+

Students and professionals in any Indic knowledge system: 

  • yoga  
  • vedanta 
  • ayurveda
  • jyotish

Interactive and call-and-response participation requirements to complete this course:

  • Attendance for the scheduled duration
  • Computer with internet connection
  • Zoom downloaded/updated
  • Camera
  • Microphone

A digital file or hard copy of the study guide for this course can be purchased from the American Sanskrit Institute at the completion of the weekend.

The final hours of the workshop will include practice of reading simple words.

Class size is limited to small groups of 10-12 participants for maximum practice and interaction.

Contact us for registration information and to schedule a 10-minute personal orientation meeting.

Time commitment

4-6 hours per day




10 minute orientation meeting


Video + audio


Zoom (live only)

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17-19 May 2024 | 9am-2pm CDT